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Talk of scaling the Himalayas of life affects him, very palpably, as “tall talk.” He deals not with things, but with the impressions and analogies of things. [277] “Sixth Report of the Directors of the African Institution” (1812), p. That is the meaning of Turgeniev’s _senilia_; that is the meaning of Ibsen’s _senilia._ I have […]

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My evidence for the present century rests mainly on hearsay, but the witnesses are unanimous. To the country he would naturally keep, as there, where the people were less fiercely national and fanatical, his purer conception of the Messiah would more readily find acceptance. 9. As defined by Morgan, it is “a body of consanguinei […]

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_Illustration from the dimensions of the Pyramid._ 16, 17. This addition in the later statement, though omitted in the ‘Pactus,’ pointing back as it appears to earlier custom, seems to show that the Lex as well as the ‘Pactus’ may in the matter of wergeld be traced to Alamannic rather than Frankish sources. A 100 […]

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Everything turns upon special knowledge of the circumstances of the case. But first, let the philosopher speak for himself. Nu skipta br??r tveir o?rlom sin a milli, ?a scal ?ingat hverva i ?a kvisl o?ol, sem loten ero, b??i at bo?om oc at abu?, bio?a ?vi at eins i a?ra kvisl ef ?a s?ker ?rot […]

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When we reflect that the Franks living under the Lex Salica must have thus sunk into a small minority, it becomes obvious that wider views must of necessity have entered into the minds of Charlemagne and his advisers, not only as regards land, but also as regards the currency. Man is certainly an ideal being, […]

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This exaltation of the clergy was the direct result of the transference of the imperial power to the Church. Nor are we told anything about the division of the amount among the members of the kindred receiving or paying the cro as the case might be. There are nine great-grandsons. The Academy, from its commencement […]

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The final clause (IV. [Sidenote: And freedom would be incomprehensible. F. Then, as if their weight were diminished by this attraction, our ideas and sensations succeed one another with greater rapidity; our movements no longer cost us the same effort. Full honour-price is due to one for his father, half honour-price for his father’s brother, […]

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Who forces them to bring forward so many pictures yearly before they are fit to be seen? NOTICE OF FRANCIS BACON. During that triumvirate of kings, King Henry the Eighth of England, Francis the First, King of France,[217] and Charles the Fifth, Emperor, there was such a watch kept that none of the three could […]