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What is essential is that a considerable number should thus combine so as to get the benefit of that comparative regularity which the average, as is well known, almost always tends to exhibit. CLAY But they are true. This was the state of things had in view when it was said a few pages back […]

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So far, there is no difference between the _Cartoons_, and a common sign-painting. Brown, jun., 1882, p. A few general truths we can fix, such as that unripe apples and cyanide of potassium are unhealthy, and that more than two lobsters are not a good preparation for violent exercise; but the rest of the matter […]

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What use have we for any Muse, be she the most accomplished in the world, who lives but to be, in a charming phrase of Southey’s, “soothed with delicious sorrow”? [Sidenote: Earlier statement of how wergelds were to be paid.] The further course of procedure is best given in the earlier fragment alluded to. If […]

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in corruption english essay. Faber supposes, the Egyptian myth was a form of that which relates to the Noachian Deluge, we can only suppose them to have had a similar basis, a basis which, from the very circumstances of the case, must be purely “Phallic.” This explanation is the only one which is consistent with […]

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But if we were to attempt in this way to measure essay for student government our belief these difficulties would become quite insuperable. The sulung in these cases seems to have continued to be the unit liable for the fixed ploughing and other services irrespective of the question who were its occupants.[324] Once more perhaps […]