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for website popular proofreading letter school. Sir John Harington’s application of it to _Orlando Furioso_ (1591), is a _reductio ad absurdum_ of the fashion. That is where they ought to end; to begin with it is too much. The English women are particularly shocked at it, who are allowed to hate their husbands, provided they […]

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Hours later, he returns; and the vision of marx and manifesto his vagabond uncle, slinking around the house, announces to you in what companionship he has been. It is not within our province here to criticise any of their conclusions, but they have expressed in a very significant way the conviction entertained by him that […]

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The late Earl of Exeter had been divorced from his first wife, a woman of fashion, and of somewhat more gaiety of manners than ‘lords who love their ladies like.’ He determined to seek out a second wife in an humbler sphere of life, and that it should be one who, having no knowledge of […]

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Bertillon included, seem to have come utterly to grief. If, e.g., we find the trees in a forest growing in straight lines, we unhesitatingly conclude that they were planted by man as they stand. This influence, under the various names of political bias, class prejudice, local feeling, and so on, always exists to a sufficient […]

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A series of the above-mentioned kind is, I apprehend, the ultimate basis upon which all the rules of Probability must be based. The road was level and excellent, and we met a number of market people with mules and yokes of oxen. He sets up for a grand _Philosopher_, and palms _Hypotheses_ upon the World, […]

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He was pointed out to us as a prodigious curiosity by our guide, (Signor Gatti) who has this pleasantry at his tongue’s end, that ‘there is one Raphael to paint, one Mezzofanti to understand languages, and one Signor Gatti to explain everything they wish to know to strangers.’ We went under the guidance of this […]

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18: He “bequeathed” his soul and body to God. With the shackles of a cast-iron rhythm he cramps his spirit: with the miasma of the waltz atmosphere he pollutes his soul. He has to bring three witnesses to prove ‘_quod in alode patris hoc invenisset_,’ and three more witnesses to prove ‘_qualiter pater suus res […]