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When I know, for instance, that all cows ruminate, I feel just as certain that any particular cow or cows ruminate as that the whole class does. Though there was nothing very striking, there was nothing offensive in her representation of the character. The fact that among nearly all the peoples who have “marriage by […]

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This last is a common feature in foreign scenery. But here we have got two sets of experiments carried on under almost exactly similar circumstances, and there is therefore less arbitrariness in assuming that their unknown conditions are tolerably equally prevalent. VOICE FROM THE GARRET. In 1773, he exhibited his Jupiter and Juno on Mount […]

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The heat became less insupportable as the noise and darkness subsided; and as the morning dawned, we were anxious to remove that veil of uncertainty and prejudice which the obscurity of night throws over a number of passengers whom accident has huddled together in a stage-coach. If the sides are absolutely alike, how can there […]

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This place seems to be the middle space, between the lower heavens and the internal parts of the earth, wherein disorder, imperfection, mutation, mortality, destruction, and corruption, are principally found. The whole play is based on that. There is one walker in Dickens who deserves mention for a special reason. Title-pages became the rule about […]

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Then Tolstoi’s letter, which during conclusion photosynthesis plants the day aroused only anger and indignation,–is it not outrageous and revolting, think some, that in the great collision of forces which contend with one another in Russia, Tolstoi cannot distinguish the right force from the wrong, but stigmatises all the struggling combatants by the one name […]

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Cynebot to ?am land-leod. The proposer treated this as a ‘bag and balls’ problem, analogous to the following: 10 balls from one bag gave 7 white and 3 black, 14 from another bag gave 9 white and 5 black: what is the chance that the actual ratio of white to black balls was greater in […]

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This custom must, therefore, have preceded the supremacy of woman, assuming this to have existed, and the tracing of kinship through females which gave rise to it. The Law of Error is the statement of a physical fact; it simply assigns, with more or less of accuracy, the relative frequency with which errors or deviations […]

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The tribe was divided into two families in the elder of which descended the chieftainship of the Scylfings (2382). [Sidenote: Land grants of 10 hides.] Again, if we turn to the grants made by King Ine to the monasteries, they become intelligible if the system of management of the Royal domains in units and multiples […]